This year’s Client Conference celebrated Ultradata’s 40 years in business and thank you to everyone who joined us for this special milestone.

The Ultradata Client Conference 2017 was held on 11 – 13 September at InterContinental Sanctuary Cove, Queensland and we unveiled many of our latest innovations and strategies across the two and half days.

Key products presented included:-

  • My Viewpoint 3’ – the latest responsive design update for Internet Banking.
  • ‘Ultracs 5’ - Offering the opportunity for the core banking solution to be integrated with digital channels
  • ‘Ultracs CMS’ - the new Content Management System that will replace Byond
  • ‘Ultracs Forms’ - the new online forms solution replacing FormMaster.
  • ‘Ultracs Connector’API optional module available with Ultracs 5 –  along with the development roadmap and planned to ‘Decision Engine’ add-on to Loan Origination.
  • Product roadmaps for our core banking solution -‘Ultracs 5’,
  • smartphone app - ‘Ultracsapp’ and the ‘New Payments Platform’ were also covered.

A big thank you goes to all our sponsors who supported our conference this year. They are, Cuscal, CGU, Rocket Software, HackLabs and Western Union Business Solutions.