“My Viewpoint’s core features align with our future online strategies.”

David Crow, Information Technology Manager, Sydney Credit Union.

SCU has over 46,000 members and assets in excess of $550 million.

SCU made the switch to Ultradata’s My Viewpoint Internet Banking so it could provide an outstanding internet banking experience for its customers.

With a brand image for SCU of ‘more generous banking’ the switch to My Viewpoint Internet Banking was a key part of expanding online services and improving self-service for customers.

The problem

  • Lack of features in the previous internet banking system made it difficult for SCU to offer members an excellent online banking service.
  • The system did not align with SCU’s future online strategy.
  • It was not fully integrated with the core banking system.
  • Customers found the online screens hard to read.


A soft launch, where the My Viewpoint Internet Banking site went live for staff to test before becoming available to customers, dramatically reduced downtime at go-live. SCU was offline for less than half an hour.

The smooth transition was made possible by:

  • Ultradata’s expert advice;
  • excellent planning; and
  • comprehensive communication to customers and staff.

SCU’s go live strategy was to soft launch My Viewpoint Internet Banking into the live system for staff to test, well before customers could access it.

“The advantage of the soft launch approach is that it saves time. It allows a lot of testing in a live environment to iron out any bugs and ensure it works before becoming available to customers,” says Crow.

However, with the benefit of hindsight, SCU would have involved its business customers in the testing process, as well as providing more training for staff to manage business enquiries.

When the member link to My Viewpoint Internet Banking was ready to go live, SCU was off-line for less than half an hour. This extraordinarily short time frame ensured minimal inconvenience to customers.

“A critical part of the planning was communicating with our customers and staff. We outlined the reasons for change, the timeline for change, and the new features they could expect to see,” says Crow.

The main challenge in the upgrade was a change in password requirements. 

To minimise the impact of going live, SCU asked customers to change their passwords two months earlier. This made it easier for customers to familiarise themselves with My Viewpoint, and staff managed most password queries well before going live.


Ultradata’s My Viewpoint Internet Banking solution offers features such as, marketing and campaigns for members using the channel, flexible daily limits at the transaction level, the capacity to open savings and investment accounts, along with optional modules such as Online Statements, Alerts and Web Loans.

“More detailed transaction information is available to customers, and they now have the ability to batch their transactions,” says IT Manager David Crow.

“Customers love the clear screen layout, the faster response times and increased functionality.”

Switching to My Viewpoint has dramatically reduced the manual processing for SCU. Customers can activate their own cards, and online forms are processed automatically.


“The smooth transition to My Viewpoint was due to Ultradata’s knowledge and experience,” says Crow.

“We had an excellent project team working with us, and we were expertly guided through the process. The information they gave us was just right – not too little, and not too much that it overwhelms.”